• Will Schuck

Pete's Sake - Part 2

The times Pete and I talked, he seemed nice enough. He was married and had children. He worked for a large manufacturing company. I never truly understood what he did, but it had something to do with compliance or regulations. He was clean-cut but average-looking: brown hair, insignificant eyes, and a smile that wasn’t all that noticeable except for the lines it drew at the outer ends of his eyes.

On a summer day when Michelle perhaps missed the bus or took a day off, Pete and I sat together and talked. Some sporting event was going on downtown later that day, so many people who planned on spending the whole day in the city filled our early-morning bus. Pete and I sat together.

“Michelle said the other day that she went camping with her family a few weekends ago,” Pete began. “She says her kids had a great time fishing and hiking, though sleeping in the tent was a little damp. It rained one night.”

“Is that right? I didn’t know she was fond of camping,” I said.

“You know, she never mentions her husband. I wonder if she’s happily married. She wears a big ring,” Pete blurted.

“I guess I never thought about it,” I said. Then, Pete unloaded. “You know, I could go for somebody like her. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife and kids. There’s just something buoyant and fresh about her that I want around me. She’s not bad to look at either. Some days I want to tell her how I feel. Of course, I know it would shock her. She doesn’t suspect a thing.” [To be continued....]

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